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Netflix Jr. Magazine is Free!

I was surprised to learn that Netflix has a magazine for preschool age children that includes projects, experiments, games, and stories. It is available in paper or digital version - both are free! My son (age 5) has gotten a few issues and he really likes it! Subscribe at www.netflixjr.com

Fine Motor Skills Activity for Preschoolers

This is an easy activity to help your child practice using the small muscles in their hands and fingers.

Ask your child to string colored beads onto a pipe cleaner.

Challenge your child to create a pattern! Many children ages 3 and up will be able to make an ABAB pattern (i.e blue, green, blue, green). Children ages four and five may be able to create more advanced patterns such as ABC, ABC, or AA, BB, AA, BB.

Children can also sort beads by color on the palette.