Science Fun

Here are a few science activities to try at home! All the experiments below are low prep - meaning there is nothing to prepare in advance, outside of buying the materials. Low prep is always my goal because life as a parent is busy! Enjoy making memories with your kids and send your questions/ideas my way via Instagram!

Color Changing

Tornado in a Bottle

My boys loved creating a tornado and watching it change from blue to green! This activity requires very little preparation except for purchasing the bottle connector and food coloring. We recycled the soda bottles from our previous Mentos and coke experiment (see reel!). This experiment is great for all ages, especially children ages 3 to 8.

You will need:

- 2 empty two liter soda bottles

- bottle connector (available on Amazon)

- water

- food coloring (yellow and blue if you plan to do our exact experiment)


1) Cut the ring off the top of the empty soda bottles

2) Add yellow food coloring into one of the empty bottles.

3) Twist the tube connector onto the top of the bottle.

4) Fill the second bottle 2/3 of the way with water.

5) Add blue food coloring to the water.

6) Connect the empty bottle onto the one with water.

7) Flip the bottles so the one with water is on top.

8) Rotate in a circle to create the tornado!

9) Watch the water change from blue to green!

Mentos and Diet Coke Science Experiment

This is a fun activity to do with kids of all ages! Plus, it's inexpensive and requires no preparation, other than purchasing the supplies.

You will need:

- Mentos Chewy Mint Candies

- Diet Coke (2 liters)


1. Set up the experiment outside in a space that is easy to hose down afterwards (driveway, grass, etc.)

2. Drop half the roll of Mentos into the full soda bottle.

3. Back up and enjoy the reaction!

How does this experiment work?

The mints catalyze the release of gas from the carbonated soda and the pressure pushes the liquid out of the bottle.

Extend this experiment by testing several different types of soda to see which creates the largest eruption!